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We are seeking to move our extremely successful All Things Wild attraction from its current location in Honeybourne to Willicote Farm in Stratford.

We want to show Stratford-on-Avon District Council how much the move will benefit the local people through employment, education, ecology, and entertainment.

Our existing facility provides an all-weather, year-round family attraction, allowing people of all ages to enjoy and connect with nature and the natural world. Our new site will continue with this provision, while improving the environment for animals and guests.



Together with our employment, educational, and entertainment benefits our new site will have a positive ecological impact. Our existing site lacks the space to provide authentic habitats for some of our animals. The new site will remove this issue, allowing us to put our animals first.

Throughout the site we will create various ponds for education, recreational, and ecological benefits. These will also help with drainage. The new sites established ecology will largely be retained. The new sites established ecology will largely be retained, with new hedgerows added and the planting of around 2000 trees. We want to maintain an open parkland feel with large naturalistic enclosures, enhancing the existing grasslands with new planting. There will be no loss of any high values habitats and the site will see a net gain in biodiversity.

Our new site will enhance our conservation programme beginning with the augmentation of the Great Crested Newt habitat on the proposed site. All Things Wild embraces the opportunity to provide positive improvements to these rare native species habitats and educating visitors on local conservation.



Alongside the great ecological, educational, and employment benefits All Things Wild move will bring, it’ll also provide significant entertainment value. 

Visitors will agree All Things Wild is a great day out. The new site in Stratford will be no different and in fact will be an even better day out. One thing we can’t wait for is our Water Play area!

Our existing guests will recognise their favourite animals returning, from the brilliant beavers to the marvellous meerkats. Our animals will be coming with us on the move and will benefit from an improved residential offering of larger more naturalistic enclosures!

In addition to the benefits our animals will receive, guests will see a new amphitheatre, two tobogganing slopes, a new and improved retail offering; and improved animal enclosures. Fans of our Dino Barn and Dinosaur Walk will be pleased to see these return alongside a new Walk Through Time Dinosaur exhibit. 

While retaining and adding to our existing offering we will also be putting on more seasonal activities for families to enjoy. There will be a seasonal ice rink, Christmas and winter illumination shows, Easter and Halloween trails, and all the fun dino, nature, and wildlife weeks we run currently!



Further to our entertainment, employment, and ecological benefits the new site will also bring many educational benefits. All Things Wild focuses on play and conservation education whereby the new site will include unique visitor experiences that facilitate hands-on learning.

Moving our attraction to a new, larger space, enables us to increase our conservation educational offering. New and varied sessions will be provided enhancing our conservation programme and increasing the number of conservation projects we can work on.

Existing visitors and local families will be familiar with our educational offer. We currently provide tailored educational activity sessions that meet the needs for Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stages 1-3. Our new site will continue with this provision.

With an expanded site we can vary and improve the educational sessions available. For example, Key Stage 1 sessions currently provide a Dino Explore event. The creation of a new Walk Through Time Dinosaur exhibit will bring this tour to life for young people.



Beside our educational, entertainment, and ecological benefits there is significant employment opportunities with the new site. We currently employ 30 full-time staff members excluding our seasonal variation employees.

The new proposed site will retain the existing employees and create 55 new jobs in the first two years. Within five years this will be 75. In addition to the full-time jobs created the new site will facilitate an expanded volunteer programme, providing more opportunities for local people to gain valuable work experience. 

Further employment opportunities will be created through the construction of the site and the supply chain. Where possible we endeavour to use local construction companies that are considerate constructors.

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